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Revitalize Your Home With
A Hearth Remodel

Edwards & Sons specializes in bringing warmth
to your home through expert remodels
and new hearth installations.

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Experience Customer Service Traditions
Passed Down From Three Generations

Trust Edwards & Sons expertise to deliver
the perfect hearth solution to compliment
your beautiful home.

Wood Fireplace Options

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Create Warmth In Your New Home
For Stylish Function

We help you find the right appliance
to meet your needs and complement
the aesthetic of your home.

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High-Quality Hearth & Home Products and Services

To complete the look of your hearth and add value to the experience of heating your house at the age-old center of the home, hearth accessories bring style and functionality.
We‘ve got it! Purchase The Highest Quality Wood Pellets or Anthracite Coal at Edwards & Sons today.
Huge savings! When you plan ahead for your winter heating needs, you won’t find yourself in a bind without heat or having to scurry to prepare for a big storm or cold spell.
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